3D/Installation/Performance Art

Banksy's Girl Celebrates Return

Interactive Piece for the Creative Pinellas Arts Annual 2018

This piece is a playful commentary of the incident which occurred at Sotheby's on October 18, 2018 in which the Banksy painting "Girl with Balloon" shredded itself just after it sold for 1.4 million. A metal call bell is mounted alongside the 48"x60" painting with a sign instructing viewers to "Ring Bell to Celebrate." Each time the bell is rung, I come from around the corner and toss shredded paper confetti into the air.


Freebird: Transcendence

Installation with video projection, stretched canvas, found objects, and sound

Click HERE to see more details and videos.


Freebird: Capture

Interactive installation

Nicknamed Puddy Tat, this 8-foot tall walk-through installation houses soft fabrics and textures. The loud vibrational sound of a cat's purring reverberates from within the housing. Because a cat purrs at the same vibration as that used in Whole Body Healing, participants may find a feeling of relief and safety as they enjoy a few moments inside the "cat." Once inside, look upward to find a small illumination in the otherwise dark vault - it's the freebird inside his locked cage. He's been caught. Lucky cat.







Freebird: Transformation

This installation features three hand-sewn fabric bird figures displayed on a voile scroll. The lower two birds have painted palm frond "wings." Because the bird is in a state of transformation, as he raises his wings to fly it becomes clear that he doesn't need wings to fly and that the "cage" he imagined all along was just a shadow cast upon him.


Freebird: The Shadow of Your Smile

Interactive Piece originally shown at the 2012 Toys Designed By Artists exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock

Viewers are encouraged to wind the music box and enjoy the music while the bird rotates and casts a shadow of its flapping wings.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXrmF174HtI


Freebird Lamp

Lamp composed of over 50% reused/recycled materials 
Sold in silent auction for Keep Little Rock Beautiful, 2013.


Freebird Window

Internally-illuminated lamp featuring a bird who has escaped

Created with my father circa 2005.